We’re not in request-for-
proposal mode.

We’re in request-for-
performance mode.

Although we’re pleased when included in an RFP, we prefer you come right into our Creative Think Tank and see how we work. We customize every engagement. We co-create the process with every client. We start with a blank sheet of paper and dive deep with thoughtful questions.

We ask provocative questions that require all of us to think differently. To reframe the context of the discussion in a new way. We stretch your thinking and ignite your creativity. And we have fun together while we do the toughest work you face.

Strategic Planning &
Leadership Development

Our Strategic Planning and Leadership Development teams work with you to create a custom experience designed for your organization and its particular circumstances. We create compelling and actionable solutions that deliver tangible results.

When The Prouty Project clients choose to work with both sides of the house — Strategic Planning and Leadership Development — there’s an ideal synergy that occurs. You realize the true power of collaboration while multiple perspectives enhance the experience. All for the sake of achieving high performance and attaining extraordinary results.

DLR Group

“In three years, we have nearly doubled in size and revenues working with The Prouty Project. The Prouty team has been great to work with and they have become a trusted partner to our business and strategic planning efforts.”

Griff Davenport

Chief Executive Officer, DLR Group