Achieve break-through growth.
[think people, not just revenue].

Attain high-performance results.
[think sustainable, not just fiscal].

Stretch Expeditions

The idea of being stretched is more than an everyday exercise for The Prouty Project and our clients. It’s an annual expedition going back to 1999.

Thinking differently is only the beginning when clients, associates and friends join us on Stretch Expeditions to a world beyond our comfort zones. These adventures are meant to push the limits of our mind, heart and body. That’s when people get energized to think more strategically.

Joining The Prouty Project for a Stretch Expedition delivers tangible results. You develop a keener mindset to learn; gain a longer view of business and life; and stimulate a capacity for inner reflection, along with a greater sense of awareness.

We invite you to join us on our next Stretch Expedition. You’ll never go back to your old dimensions.

Download 2020 Stretch Expedition: Namibia

Stretch Expeditions

Jammin Sessions

Jeff Prouty was inspired by John Kao, author of Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity, when the idea for Jammin Sessions was realized 22 years ago. Prouty read the book and heard the Harvard Business School professor speak at a conference. Here’s an excerpt from a Publishers Weekly review of Kao’s book:

“It took a Chinese American student listening to jazz and jamming with a group of African Americans at a private boarding school to internalize the polar tensions between musical score and improvisation and come up with a formula for creativity. Kao, now a professor at Harvard Business School, has been using the jamming metaphor to teach creative entrepreneurship for 14 years. In business, the score is not a musical theme but an idea, process or question that takes on new dimensions when bandied about by a group. This business version of jamming, Kao says, is the creative advantage that can give a company a competitive edge.”

Since then, The Prouty Project has hosted 10 “jams” a year on topics addressing virtually every aspect of business and life — topics that draw 10-year-old kids to 92-year-old grandparents and all ages in between to participate in energizing and thought-provoking discussions.

Jammin Session 1
Jammin Session 2
Jammin Session 3

These interactive sessions are open to the public and held the first Tuesday of each month (with the exception of January and July), from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. in the Creative Think Tank at The Prouty Project. A $20 payment will be requested for each Jammin Session. All proceeds will be donated to The Prouty Project Stretch Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation. Please make checks payable to The Prouty Project, and note that we do not accept credit card payments.

Seating is limited, so please register early by clicking “RSVP Here” on the list below or respond to We look forward to seeing you soon. You’ll leave inspired and stretched!

PLEASE NOTE:  Photos and video may be taken during Jammin sessions. Please email Kari Baltzer if you do not consent to the use of your image in Prouty marketing materials.

Download 2019 Jammin Sessions


February 5

#237: Stewardship: The Answer to Society’s Train Wrecks in Slow Motion

John Taft, Vice Chairman, Baird


March 5

#238: Sophia’s Law: From Tragedy to Positive Change

Courtney Baechler, MD, MS, Cardiologist, Epidemiologist, Community Health Enthusiast, Rosado Consulting, LLD


April 2

#239: Exploring How Artificial Intelligence Changes the Way We Solve Problems

Emal Alwis, Autopilot Software Engineer, Tesla, Inc


May 7

#240: May 1, 1986: The Day I Arrived at the North Pole

Ann Bancroft, Polar Explorer, Educator, Lecturer, Bancroft Arnesen Explore


June 4

#241: What’s the MORE in Final Four?

Kate Mortenson, President & CEO, 2019 Minneapolis Final Four


August 6

#242: Life on Purpose, the Hard-Earned Wisdom of Disability

Timmy O’Neill, Professional Climber


September 3

#243: Why Positive Psychology Belongs in Feedback

Pete Berridge, MAPP, PCC, President, Shorebird Coaching & Consulting / Co-founder, Shift Positive 360®


October 1

#244: Make Way for Gen Z!

David Stillman and Jonah Stillman, Co-Founders, Gen Z Guru


November 5

#245: Igniting Women to Purpose

Anne Davidman and Adrienne Jordan, Senior Consultants, The Prouty Project


December 3

#246: Legacy Next: Where Purpose Meets Needs

Steve Coleman, Partner, The Platinum Group


Keynote Addresses

We’re mighty proud of our people. We have consultants who have transfixed audiences with their ability to deliver a keynote address; regularly appeared as guests on both television and radio programs; and been invited to give TED Talks. All that wisdom and content comes from the client work we do every day with people like you.

Our professional speaking topics range from human centered design to the hero’s journey; from audacious goals to blue ocean strategies; from mission-vision-values work to board assessment and development; from organizational readiness to cross-cultural communication; and from team effectiveness to the power of creativity.

See a Consultant in Action

Twins Baseball Club

“The Minnesota Twins salute the work of The Prouty Project and their impact on organizations like ours. They have made significant contributions to the Twins on so many fronts including leadership development, strategic planning and team building.”

Dave St. Peter

President and Chief Executive Officer, Minnesota Twins Baseball Club