Andrea West

Andrea West

Senior Consultant

Andrea’s favorite sound is silence. She has completed two 10-day silent meditation retreats. And loved every quiet minute. Amazed by what she can hear and feel when she stills both her mind and her environment, Andrea has evolved a keen sense of awareness that helps her be a better consultant.

All this may explain why Andrea is so adept at leading clients through strategic planning and visioning sessions. Her calm yet powerful capacity to engage an organization’s “cultural sparkplugs” in focus groups; or to communicate the nuance of a new future vision by crafting key messages for leadership teams; or to work with teams to establish the rhythms, rituals and accountability of plan execution — is celebrated by both coworkers and clients.

Andrea finds equilibrium through her twice daily walks with Loki (translation: low key), a seven-year-old Shih Apso rescue dog she sees as her companion and CEO — Chief Empathy Officer. She also finds great joy in being an active aunt to her niece and nephew who are a constant reminder of how important it is to play.

A self-described “total sci-fi geek” who grew up watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” Andrea has defeated many a foe at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. She dreams of being able to do complex math in her head and living on a beach, falling asleep to the sound of waves on the shore. Perhaps the only sound as rejuvenating as silence.