Melissa Gennert

Melissa Gennert

Director, Operations

Melissa’s favorite quote is “Feel the fear and do it anyway” which may help explain her tenacity when it comes to the myriad challenges she takes on — from running marathons to running operations at The Prouty Project.

According to Melissa, there’s nothing better than coming to work each day knowing you’ll be able to stretch yourself by trying something new. That’s been her experience at The Prouty Project; she’s worked here since 2004 and says that not a single day has been the same as any other. No wonder. As director of operations, she oversees marketing, human resources, technology and more, making her days as diverse as the clients she serves.

Melissa and her husband Bayard live in Shorewood where they treasure time with their two children, son Parker and daughter Westin. Melissa takes pleasure in watching them enjoy experiences that she couldn’t at their young age, such as swimming in each of the Great Lakes; visiting a new state every year and seeking out national and state parks; or simply spending eight-hour days in the car with the kids exploring our marvelous country. Talk about stretch expeditions.

Despite her success, Melissa admits being a sucker for great “underdog” stories, especially those that end with the girl getting the guy. Her favorite is “Sixteen Candles,” in which a teenage girl prevails over every embarrassment before her sixteenth-birthday wish finally comes true.