Christina Devine

Christina Devine

Associate Consultant

“Lighting up the world.” That’s what Jim Collins would call an audacious goal. Christie does her part to reach that goal every December when she and her parents and siblings light up their family home with more than 40,000 holiday lights.

Christie also lights up our office year-round with her positive attitude, which shines brightest when she’s providing consulting support to our clients in the leadership development practice area. She often inspires them with her favorite quote from Winnie the Pooh: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” Speaking of smart, Christie has an uncanny ability when it comes to cracking the code on any puzzle. She’s considered the office MacGyver — our in-house resource for solving complex problems of any sort.

With the recent purchase of a new house, Christie stays busy on weekends making it her home. Christie’s appreciation for music adds a constant sensory experience that complements her particular modern yet eclectic style.

A former Caribou Coffee employee, Christie has a fierce addiction to the company’s mochas and lattes. She also enjoys traveling. Her first trip outside the U.S. was to Australia where she got to scuba dive, go whitewater rafting and pet both a kangaroo and a koala bear.