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Quarterly Newsletters

  • Quarter 3 2017
    A Berkshire Hathaway Road Trip
    Michael Happe, President and CEO, Winnebago Industries, Inc. on CEO-ship
    Deidre Schmidt, President and CEO, Commonbond Communities on CEO-ship
    Dan Johnson, CEO, Mortenson on CEO-ship
  • Quarter 2 2017
    A Word From Our Millennials
    Referral Recognition
    The Head, Heart, and Hands of Leading Across Generations
    Taming the Millennial Monster IRL
  • Quarter 1 2017
    The Five Trends Shaping the Future of Business
    Jammin’ 2017
    The Adaptive Advantage – Strategic Planning in an Environment of Continual Change
    Shifting Perspectives on Leadership
  • Quarter 4 2016
    Berkshire Brand Commands Attention
    Thoughts on Achieving Extraordinary Results
  • Quarter 3 2016
    Crossing Cultures in Turbulent Times
    Successful M&A Starts Long Before the Negotiation Table
    Lessons from the Trenches: One CEO’s Playbook for Successful M&A
    The Glue in Merging Cultures
  • Quarter 2 2016
    Referral Recognition
    A Monk’s Guide to Mental Toughness
    Journey to Best of: How Curiosity Leads to True Growth
    Leadership for Legacy
  • Quarter 1 2016
    Interview with John Cuningham, Cuningham Group
    Jammin’ 2016
    Interview with Gloria Lewis, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities
    Interview with Dave St. Peter, Minnesota Twins
    Interview with Amy Langer, Salo
    Interview with Brian Warren, Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Quarter 4 2015
    Zen and the Art of Strategy
    Will You Challenge Your Success Rut?
    The Not-So-Secret Secret to IDEO’s Brilliance
    Great Companies are Undeterred by Discomfort
  • Quarter 3 2015
    From Plan to Prevail
    Bullets from Buffett
    Tackle the ABCs of Business Decay
    To Convey the Plan, Speak Colorfully
  • Quarter 2 2015
    Tools of the Trade: Getting the Most Out of Assessments
    The Willingness to See and the Courage to Act
    2014 Referral Recognition
    From Assessment Results to Team Results
  • Quarter 1 2015
    The Key to Radical Collaboration = Diversity
    Jammin’ 2015 Schedule
    Give Stagnation The Boot
    Lessons on Innovation from Inside a Blanket Fort
  • Quarter 4 2014
    Go Deep. Be Vulnerable. Empower.
    To Lead Others, Start Within
    L3 - Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading the Business - A Leadership Development Program
    How High-Potential Leaders View "Leading the Business"
  • Quarter 3 2014
    The Heroic Journey
    Family Mealtime: A Major Stretch
    Divorce, Death, and the Myth of the Modern-Day Superhero
    Vulnerability: A Universal Language
    The Gift of Being Present
  • Quarter 2 2014
    Risk, Spirituality, and Love
    Who Will You Bring Along?
    Referral Recognition
    Don't Let Your Life Become One Long, Run-on Sentence
  • Quarter 1 2014
    Color Your World: Applying Insights Discovery in the Workplace
    BHAG Buy-In! Part Two
    Jammin' 2014
    Prouty Red Teams on the Move
  • Quarter 4 2013
    Sailing the Seven C's
    BHAG Buy-In!
    A Look Back at 2013
    Prouty Red Teams: An Up-Close and Personal View of the Process
  • Quarter 3 2013
    A Courageous Leader
    Take a Day On to STRETCH!
    Verne Harnish: The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time
    Are You "Reddy" for a Red Team?
  • Quarter 2 2013
    Execution: Big Doors and Little Hinges
    Developing Global Ambassador Proficiency
    Referral Recognition
    From Cannonballs to Cryogenics: Sparking Revolutionary Change in an Industry Mainstay
  • Quarter 4 2012
    Leader Insights: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose
    Time to Take a "Day On"
    Social Media Strategy
    Execution: The DNA of a Great Strategy
  • Quarter 3 2012
    The Value of Fresh Eyes
    Execution: The DNA of a Great Strategy
    STRETCH Expedition 2012: The Galapagos
    The Nature of Leadership and ROI (Return on Inspiration)
  • Quarter 2 2012
    Arab Spring, EU Winter, and Occupy Wall Street: A Cry for Global Vision and Resilience
    Lollipop Moments to be an Anonymous Extraordinary
    Execution: The DNA of a Great Strategy
    Referral Recognition
  • Quarter 1 2012
    "Mind Travel" with Tim Foster, the Partners Group, Foster Klima & Company
    Succession Planning: Why is This Such a Big Deal Today?
    Leaders and Solving Community Challenges
    Jammin' 2012

    Recently Published Articles / Press

  • Upsize Minnesota
  • To Create Your Smart Strategic Plan, Try a Red Team Approach
    by Robyn Waters 03/2014
    Link to article
  • White Paper
  • Applying the Heroic Journey to Today’s Wounded Workforce: Helping People Make Sense of Life Transitions on the Job
    by Peter Bailey 07/2013
    Link to article
  • Native Foreigner
    Stretch Expeditions
    Article about Peter Bailey 04/2013
    Link to article
  • Star Tribune
    Stretching for strategy
    Article about Mike Felmlee 03/2013
    Link to article
  • Twin Cities Business
    The Prouty Project Guides Cos. Through Business Leadership
    Article about Grayce Belvedere Young 01/2013
    Link to article
  • Women On Business
    Insights for Women Leaders: Motivate Team Members for Success
    By Grayce Belvedere Young 10/2012
    Link to article
  • The Bloomington Crow
    The Prouty Projects Hosts Big Brothers Big Sisters at Raceway Park
    Feature on Prouty Project Sponsored Event 08/2012
    Link to article
  • Media Space Solutions
    12 Minutes to Shatter the Status Quo
    Inteview with Jeff Prouty 06/2012
    Link to article
  • Minnesota Business
    Nature at Work
    Featuring Peter Bailey 03/2012
    Link to article
  • Twin Cities Business
    A Team Experience
    Featuring Peter Bailey 06/2011
    Link to article
  • Leadership Excellence
    Cultural Competence: How Conscious is Your Global Team?
    By Peter Bailey 05/2011
    Link to article
  • Entrepreneur Press
    Start Your Own Retail Business And More: Brick-and-Mortar Stores, Online, Mail Order, and Kiosks - 3rd Edition
    By Ciree Linsenman (c) 2011
    Contains Jeff Prouty's entrepreneurial words of wisdom
    Find out more about the book
  • ASTD
    Chess Moves: Global Leadership Development
    By Peter Bailey 12/2010
    Link to article
  • Minnesota Meetings
    Big Ideas: Ideas on Stretch Expeditions
    Featuring Jeff Prouty Spring 2010
    Link to article
  • Star Tribune
    Inside Track: Retreat to Peru
    Featuring Jeff Prouty and Peter Bailey 01/10
    Link to article
  • North Western Financial Review
    Looking Downfield
    Featuring Mike Felmlee and Jeff Prouty 12/09
    Link to article
  • Pioneer Press
    Executive Read: "Without Warning Breakthrough Strategies for Solving the Silent Problems Taking Aim at Your Organization"
    Featuring Jeff Prouty 12/09
    Link to article
  • Edina Magazine
    Flex Time
    Featuring Grayce Belvedere Young 9/09
    Link to article
  • Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal
    Learning to Beat Economic Headwinds by Pushing Through the Real Kind
    By Grayce Belvedere Young 8/14/09
    Link to article
  • Star Tribune
    Forum: Core Values Crucial to Enduring Companies
    By Mike Felmlee 8/9/09
    Link to article
  • UPSIZE Magazine
    All Aboard: How to Stretch Strategic Thinking
    By Mike Felmlee and Grayce Belvedere Young 6/30/09
    Link to article
  • Star Tribune
    10 Lessons Learned: The Balanced Dad Concept
    By Jeff Prouty 6/16/09
    Link to article
  • Minneapolis St.Paul Business Journal
    Learn to Think Differently With a Longer View
    By Jeff Prouty 4/4/08
    Link to article
  • Star Tribune
    Business People - Today's Spotlight: Grayce Belevedere Young
    Link to article

    Stretch 2012 Articles and Summaries

  • UBELONG: Volunteer Abroad Voices
    Grayce Lead Her Firm To Volunteer in the Galapagos
    Interview with Grayce Belvedere Young 07/2012
    Link to article
  • UBELONG: Volunteer Abroad Voices
    Jeff Stretches His Firm in the Galapagos
    Interview with Jeff Prouty 06/2012
    Link to article
  • Bring Me The News
    Finding Yourself in the Galapagos...An Interview with Diane Berthel
    By Grayce Belvedere Young 05/2012
    Link to article

    Stretch 2011 Articles and Summaries

  • World TEAM (The Exceptional Athlete Matters) Sports 2011 Adventure Team Challenge Highlights
    By Mary Schoessler and Aly Haefner, 2011 Stretch Expedition Participants 07/2011
    Link to article
  • CO2 Partners
    Adventure Team Challenge 2011
    By Gary Cohen, 2011 Stretch Expedition Participant 07/2011
    Link to article

Past Quarterly Newsletters

  • Quarter 4 2011
    Governance: Board Engagement (Part 4)
    Cultural Competence: How Consciously Competent is your Global Team?
    STRETCH Expedition: 2011 Recap and 2012 Introduction
  • Quarter 3 2011
    Every Strategy Session Needs an Artist, a Musician, and a Scientist
    Leading Courageously While Making a Difference
    Governance: Board Engagement (Part 3)
  • Quarter 2 2011
    Governance: Board Engagement (Part 2)
    Readers Are Leaders
    Referral Recognition
  • Quarter 1 2011
  • Governance: Board Engagement (Part 1)
    Reflections and Ideas to Develop Leaders in Your Organization
    World Business Forum
    2011 Jammin Schedule
  • Quarter 4 2010
    Board Governance: A Revolution?
    Spontaneous Dancing at Work in the Amazon
    CEO Profile: Lisa Washington, Design Build Institute of America (DBIA)
  • Quarter 3 2010
    CEO Profile: Volker Petersen, Brown Printing
    Business War Games
    The Alchemy of Leadership: The Message of Erik Weihenmayer
  • Quarter 2 2010
    CEO Profile: Bob Weiss, Beacon Bank
    Building a Championship-Caliber Business: The Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Quarter 1 2010
    The "New Normal"
    The Practice of Adaptive Leadership
    Jammin' 2010
  • Quarter 4 2009
    Interlocking Circles for a Successful Organization
    CEO Profile: Dave Roberts
  • Quarter 3 2009
    President Profile: Kim Nelson
    Jumping the Fence
    Interview with Bill Bojan: How Risk Management Can Differentiate Your Success On Strategic Plans
  • Quarter 1 2009
    Diary of a Brand New CEO
    Stretching & Due Diligence Beyond the Numbers
    List of Jammin' 2009 Speakers
  • Quarter 4 2008
    Exploring Blue Oceans of Possibility
    Interview with Richard Leider - Leider on Life: The Second Half
    CEO Profile: Dr. Clifford L. Stanley of Scholarship America
  • Quarter 3 2008
    Company Values: Are Your Core Values Truly Core?
    Global Performance Consultant Joins Firm
    CEO Profile: Jill Blashack Strahan of Tastefully Simple
  • Quarter 2 2008
  • Does your Mission Statement Pass the Test?
    Microfinancing, Poverty, and Kids in India
  • Quarter 1 2008
    Great Vision, Mission, and Value Statements
    Help Wanted: Leaders
    Is it Legacy or is it Leadership?
  • Quarter 4 2007
    Building Great Companies, Building Great Lives
    Organizational Performance – The Prouty Way
    Leadership... The Real Difference between Good and Great


Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck--Why Some Thrive Despite Them All
by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen

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“Our "post-sale" business lives have clearly changed as we move from entrepreneurial family ownership to being part of a large international corporation. You have had a definite impact in working with us through this change process, and I really appreciate the personal "CEO coaching" that you've provided to me."

Greg Hames President and CEO | Viking Electric Supply