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Organization Development

Go for the Goal! Organization Development Services

Most organizations don’t fail for lack of vision or talent, they fail for lack of execution.

- T.J. Rodgers, CEO Cypress Semiconductors

Prepare for action that will enable your leaders and teams to S-T-R-E-T-C-H! The Prouty Project invites you to consider your strategic plan implementation and team development as the next phase in accountability and ROI. Growing your business takes teamwork and rebuilding, like the above photo of the Prouty Project’s 2006 S-T-R-E-T-C-H Expedition team that built homes in tsunami-struck Sri Lanka.

Take a quick “Prouty Pulse” on where your organization may need to stretch:

Culture / Change Management

  • Do you have a plan to communicate change to all employees?
  • Do employees know how their work fits with the change in strategy?
  • If employees do not embrace the change, what are all the potential impacts on the business?

Ensuring that your business achieves results requires a clear commitment to successful execution. For many organizations, this means aligning and communicating direction, developing people and teams, ensuring effective change management, and strengthening engagement and culture.

Drive Alignment, Communication, and Execution

To deliver maximum value to customers, leaders must create alignment by translating vision, strategies and critical priorities into organization, team and individual goals. Effective executive communication is foundational for success.

Strengthen Engagement and Culture

To build and sustain a healthy and capable culture, leaders must demonstrate and reinforce key values and attributes for navigating change effectively, engaging employees, and revitalizing culture.


Leadership Is an Art
by Max Depree

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“We have worked with the Prouty Project for over 10 years.  As usual, the team at the Prouty Project exceeded our expectations. My entire team expressed their elation, and now views our challenges as possibilities."

Eric Rottier CEO | Taylor-Wharton