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How to Revitalize Your Company's Culture


Does your organizational culture support your strategic goals for the success of the business?  Or does your organizational cultural appear to be a limitation to greater success?  We have found that many organizations would like to thoughtfully evolve their culture.  They wish to bring the best from the past to create a new, desired future to accomplish business goals.  The opportunity is to think through an approach with the right amount of:

• Input from key stakeholders;

• Thoughtful design, planning, and implementation; and

• Integration into your people processes.

Below is a brief questionnaire to promote thinking that will help you revitalize your organization's culture. It's a starting point from which to begin to reshape your culture.  After completing the questionnaire, you will discover that your organization is either in a place where employees embrace your culture and their work, or, you may have an opportunity to revitalize your culture.

There is a "fly-wheel" effect when the various aspects are working really well together that continues to build and strengthen a culture.  Similarly, when some aspects are missing, the organization may not be living up to its potential.  If you'd like to talk further about your assessment results, please give Peter Bailey, Senior Vice President, a call at 952.942.2922, or at

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Boards That Deliver


The following evaluation is based upon the best selling book "Boards that Deliver" by Ram Charan. Download and print out the following assessment. Reflect on your experience with Board of Directors and answer honestly. Total up your score and see how the Board is performing.

After completion, we encourage you to give Jeff Prouty a call and discuss your results. You can contact him at 952.942.2922 or

Download the Assessment (pdf - 33k)



Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
by Sheryl Sandberg

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“The Prouty Project has been a Godsend to our organization. They give us a brief opportunity to step away from the daily business and take a good look at the "big picture". With the wider view, we are able to take a good, hard look at where we have been, where we want to be, and changes we need to make."

Tim Brown President | Central Bank